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Deposit, send, swap tokens seamlessly

AkashicWallet provides users with a key vault, secure login, and token wallet, ensuring that all your digital assets can be effectively managed. This versatile tool is accessible both as a browser extension and a mobile app.

Decentralised key management

AkashicWallet system, upon creation of any wallet address, dissect and encrypts the private key into fragments and place them on multiple different non-US associated server nodes for your safety concerns.


Scaling into Layer-2

Experience lightning-fast transactions and near-instant confirmations, thanks to our Layer-2 solution. Say goodbye to congestion and high fees. Our user-friendly interface and support for multiple cryptocurrencies make managing your portfolio a breeze.

AkashicWallet System


Truly Non-Custodial

Fully integrated with Akashic Chain, a DLT (Decentralized Ledger Technology)-based L2 Blockchain. Only the user has full ownership and direct access to their crypto assets. Akashic Wallet does not hold any of the client's private information, such as the Privatekey, 12-Word Recovery Secrets, and Passwords.

PrivateKey Management

AkashicChain safeguards the L1 PrivateKey under AkashicVault by fully segregating the L1 Private key using Shamir Secret Sharing to 4+ different decentralized Akashic Chain Nodes. This ensures that no single entity can break through the chain and obtain the PrivateKey. Only by using Valid Akashic Chain OTK, can the user be allowed to access their assets under Blockchain's Consensus.

Multi-Asset Support

AkashicPay supports a plethora of cryptocurrency assets to be manageable on both Akashic Chain level and respected L1 Blockchains. Akashic Chain-level transactions offer significant cost benefits compared to L1 Blockchain transfers.

NFT and Akashic Alias

Under Akashic Chain, Akashic Wallet also acts as a safekeeper for your favorite NFTs and Akashic Alias associated within the NFTs. You can link your Akashic Alias to your wallet address to use the Akashic Alias itself as an address natively.


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AkashicPay utilizes state-of-art non-custodial custodian system based on its self-developed technology, allowing simple management of wallets without security concerns.